Brant McFarlain Design

Brant McFarlain Design specializes in a sophisticated, modern aesthetic tailored to the unique lifestyle of each client.

With the belief that there is no specific formula, the firm takes into consideration that individuality is key in making a truly bespoke space. From modern to traditional, eclectic to sleek, we strive to provide a timeless, cohesive design for our clientele.

Brant McFarlain

Brant McFarlain

Brant McFarlain

Brant McFarlain obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of North Texas, and worked as an interior designer for the studios of Leo A Daly and Morrison Seifert Murphy before striking out to launch his own firm. He has created designs for high-end residential homes and national hospitality chains, as well as boutique and large-scale corporations.

”I love fashion and find that, inevitably, it leads my design. Whether with colors or a mood, I want my interiors to be sexy.”
- Brant McFarlain